ConnectWell Forms Strategic Partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health

ConnectWell is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health that will digitize the school’s expertly-vetted health and wellness content. UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s leadership in wellness dates back to 1984 when the Berkeley Wellness Letter was launched. The publication quickly became a No. 1-rated newsletter by […]

ConnectWell Supports IRN’s Real Food Challenge

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition’s, (IRN) goal is to shape the way food is produced, marketed, and distributed by serving as a leading source of science-based information on nutrition. Their mission is to end food-related illness and promote good health, and they believe that learning about nutrition and making lifestyle changes should be easy and […]

Combine Wearable Devices with Vibrant Life℠ Initiatives to Improve Employee Health

Many of us are using wearable devices and their apps to track activities such as step count, heart rate, sleep, nutrition, and more. It’s true, millions of people are watching their numbers on devices in an attempt to get healthy and fit. However, a recent article published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical […]

Back-to-School Edition: Healthy, Homemade Lunches

The food choices children make impact them now and in the years to come. Nutrition habits such as eating a balanced, healthy lunch and drinking water give children the fuel they need to succeed during the remaining school day and after school activities. The best way to ensure that children’s lunches incorporate all of the […]

Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

The holiday season begins Wednesday night when the first candle on the menorah is lighted to mark the beginning of Chanukah. Thanksgiving follows the next day and the season continues through New Year’s Day. This time of year brings opportunities to gather together to share meals and good times as well as exchange gifts. This blog provides an update to […]

A Healthy Food Makeover at the Worksite

Are the vending machines and break rooms at your office stocked with healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks or are they stuck in an unhealthy time warp and loaded with processed, packaged snack foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, and beverages with added sugars? Because employees spend over 1/3 of their day in […]

Is Your Organization Fit-Friendly? Get Recognized!

As part of her role on American Heart Association’s Bay Area Task Force, Andrea Bloom, Founder of ConnectWell, moderated an American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Worksite webinar to help Bay Area organizations learn about the program and its eligibility requirements. The American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Worksite Recognition Program highlights employers who champion the health of their […]