ConnectWell Supports IRN’s Real Food Challenge


The Institute for Responsible Nutrition’s, (IRN) goal is to shape the way food is produced, marketed, and distributed by serving as a leading source of science-based information on nutrition. Their mission is to end food-related illness and promote good health, and they believe that learning about nutrition and making lifestyle changes should be easy and fun. The IRN chose ConnectWell as an advisor and partner because of ConnectWell’s focus on reaching people through worksites. IRN realizes that the workplace is an opportunity to reach people with key nutrition information as more and more companies adopt wellness programs. ConnectWell’s science-based approach to worksite wellness is aligned with the IRN.


The IRN recently introduced The 10 Day Real Food Challenge. This simple and effective challenge asks participants to: 1) Choose whole or minimally processed foods, 2) Avoid highly processed and fast foods, and 3) Hydrate with water instead of sweetened beverages or juice. It’s that simple and it’s just 10 days.

ConnectWell’s education and support tools have been selected to help The 10 Day Real Food Challenge participants with the “daily practice” necessary to develop healthy eating habits and include:

  • Activity For Creating a Healthy Food Environment This activity is the start of filling your home with whole foods and food made up of healthy ingredients, and clearing your home of processed and packaged foods that contain unhealthy ingredients.
  • Weekly Shopping Guide – A guide to help participants plan for the week, organize a shopping list, and make it easy to fill the grocery cart with healthy items.
  • Shopping Tips – Tips on healthy ingredients, understanding food labels, shopping strategies, and navigating the bulk bin section.

These same tools are part of ConnectWell’s Nutrition Initiative. Each of ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life℠ Initiatives are science-based and help employees develop the capacity for improved health and well-being in the areas of Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Stress Management. Employees build skills over time and ConnectWell’s education, daily practice, and support tools inform and engage them as they learn about and adopt new health practices. These initiatives are designed to be implemented at worksites of all sizes including employers that have offices in multiple locations including outside the U.S.


ConnectWell’s Nutrition Initiative provides an exciting format to help employees learn about and put healthy eating habits into practice. The initiative includes four modules that focus on: Healthy Balance, Healthy Hydration, Healthy Ingredients, and Healthy Portions. Each module is supported by a Self-guided Wellness Poster Exhibit and a Challenge that helps employees experience healthy eating practices in community at the workplace. Additionally, employees receive a comprehensive toolkit that guides them on the fundamentals of science-based nutrition.

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition and ConnectWell have partnered to bring nutrition tools to the home and worksite to make lifestyle changes around food easy and fun. Whether you want to make healthy changes personally and participate in The 10 Day Real Food Challenge or your worksite would benefit from bringing a ConnectWell Vibrant Life℠ Initiative to your organization, these programs and tools can help make 2017 a healthy year.



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