Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

The holiday season begins Wednesday night when the first candle on the menorah is lighted to mark the beginning of Chanukah. Thanksgiving follows the next day and the season continues through New Year’s Day. This time of year brings opportunities to gather together to share meals and good times as well as exchange gifts. This blog provides an update to […]

Healthy Gift Giving for the Holidays

Healthy Gift Giving for the Holidays It’s time to start planning for both holiday gift giving and New Year’s Resolutions. Every year there are helpful sources that identify gifts that are good for the recipient, good for the environment, and make the gift giver happy with their choices. We have a list, too, and these […]

Holiday Health

The holidays can be a crazy and stressful time of year. There are social obligations, shopping sprees (worry about that big bill coming in January), family travel, lots of high-calorie, high-sugar and high-fat foods following us and our children from office and school to home—and no time to work it off! So how can we […]