ConnectWell Supports IRN’s Real Food Challenge

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition’s, (IRN) goal is to shape the way food is produced, marketed, and distributed by serving as a leading source of science-based information on nutrition. Their mission is to end food-related illness and promote good health, and they believe that learning about nutrition and making lifestyle changes should be easy and […]

Combine Wearable Devices with Vibrant Life℠ Initiatives to Improve Employee Health

Many of us are using wearable devices and their apps to track activities such as step count, heart rate, sleep, nutrition, and more. It’s true, millions of people are watching their numbers on devices in an attempt to get healthy and fit. However, a recent article published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical […]

Preventing Heart Disease Early: A Healthy Heart Month Interview with Dr. Matt DeVane

Dr. Matt Devane, cardiologist

Dr. Matt DeVane’s dad had his first heart attack at 35, his second at 45, his third and eventual death at 55. For DeVane, heart disease is personal. “I wanted to change that,” says DeVane, of his experience. By all accounts, he is doing just that. As a cardiologist, DeVane has become an expert in […]

Challenging the Sugar Social Norm: Creating an Environment for Wellness

man with big belly holding sugary soda

What? Regulate sugar? In the latest issue of the journal Nature, Dr. Robert Lustig, ConnectWell advisor and pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, brands sugar a “toxin”—deadly enough in high doses that it should be regulated just like alcohol. The claim has some people arguing that government shouldn’t control what people eat. […]

More Tips for a Healthy Weight

Part three in a three part series celebrating Healthy Weight Week. Now that you understand the importance of keeping your insulin level down and which foods make your insulin levels spike out of control, I’ll share a few additional tips for helping you reach or maintain a healthy weight. Remember to include proteins and fats. Protein foods help […]