Food Summit 2—Fixing Our Broken Food System, Field Notes from the Real World

I recently was introduced to Full Circle Farm, a local farm in the city of Sunnyvale, CA. My four-year old daughter loves to play with the chickens during her visits and we love the opportunity to buy our food directly from the farmer. So, I was thrilled to see Full Circle Farm as one of […]

Dr. Robert Lustig, ConnectWell Advisory Board Member, Speaks at UC Berkeley Edible Education

On Tuesday September 30th, I attended the class “Nutrition, Health, and Diet Related Disease”, part of the Edible Education: The Rise of the Food Movement class series at UC Berkeley. Led by instructors Nikki Henderson, Executive Director of People’s Grocery, and Michael Pollan, Knight Journalism Professor, UC Berkeley, the classes are sponsored by the Chez Panisse […]