American Medical Association Reclassifies Obesity as a Disease

Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) reclassified obesity as a disease and this new designation will affect patients, healthcare professionals, insurers and the healthcare infrastructure. In some ways, calling obesity a disease is a move to shift attention and resources to a complex problem. Obesity is a significant public health concern as it is often […]

Preventing Heart Disease Early: A Healthy Heart Month Interview with Dr. Matt DeVane

Dr. Matt Devane, cardiologist

Dr. Matt DeVane’s dad had his first heart attack at 35, his second at 45, his third and eventual death at 55. For DeVane, heart disease is personal. “I wanted to change that,” says DeVane, of his experience. By all accounts, he is doing just that. As a cardiologist, DeVane has become an expert in […]

Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference

I attended the COBA (Child Obesity Bay Area) conference presented by Slow Food San Francisco on Saturday, September 24th.  I was both energized by the many people doing great work to confront childhood obesity, as well as overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem we face as a nation to turn this trend around. Dr. […]