ConnectWell Forms Strategic Partnership with UC Berkeley School of Public Health


ConnectWell is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health that will digitize the school’s expertly-vetted health and wellness content.

UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s leadership in wellness dates back to 1984 when the Berkeley Wellness Letter was launched. The publication quickly became a No. 1-rated newsletter by U.S News & World Report, Money Magazine, and the Washington Post for its “brisk,” “reasoned” coverage of health issues. UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Health & Wellness Publications includes Berkeley Wellness Letter, healthafter50, and detailed reports and white papers covering a wide range of health conditions.

This partnership will make it possible for millions of Americans to take advantage of this leading resource for managing health. This relationship gives ConnectWell exclusive rights to package the content from the School of Public Health’s extensive Health & Wellness Publications for digital distribution through worksites, benefits providers, health plans, health systems, wellness platforms, and wearable technology companies.

While these companies all offer some type of platform to help their employees, patients, members, and customers engage in their health, many struggle to provide and integrate the breadth of validated content their users need to be effective in improving their health. This partnership merges leading health and wellness content with a consumer-oriented digital format to help health platforms deliver on the promise of improving the health of those they serve.

“Our partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health increases our wellness offerings by integrating the most current science-based and vetted health and wellness content from a trusted pioneer in wellness. UC Berkeley’s content is comprehensive enough to cover just about any health, wellness, and disease topic. ConnectWell’s packaging of the school’s leading health and wellness content into web-ready, reader-friendly articles will help participating companies bring greater focus to serving their populations.” Andrea Bloom, Founder & CEO ConnectWell

ConnectWell works with each company through a licensing agreement to integrate the content into its unique user experience, bringing the content to entire health populations for whom it was previously unavailable.

To see examples of the newly digitized content click on the “Content Offering” tab at the ConnectWell website

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